Nomadic cuisine for the rebirth of a historic Parisian landmark.

Within these walls, in the early 19th century, the Marquis de La Fayette hosted some of the most popular parties in Paris: housed in this listed private mansion in the 8th arrondissement, Lafayette’s restaurant, atypical in its architecture, atmosphere and cuisine, invites you to take a moment out of the ordinary.

Lafayette’s will be the setting for Mory Sacko’s cuisine, freely French & neo-bourgeois, seasonal, bridging the gap between the American and African continents.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán’s decor brings to life the codes of the 19th century, in a bespoke, disruptive and audacious setting, through pretty, plush lounges, carried by a color palette blending tobacco and saffron, shades of green and red.


8 rue d’Anjou, 75008 Paris




Lunch 12-3pm
Dinner 7pm-1am

Closed Sundays


Moma group establishes itself in the heart of events and cinema with a takeover over the mythical Club 13. A well-lit cul-de-sac, a discreet entrance, and stairs that lead to the bar, the restaurant, and its screening rooms…from the opening of the doors at 10pm, enjoy a Nordic dish or “terroir” speciality, accompanied by a glass of wine, before launching into the reinterpretation of French songs.


Lunch 12-3pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday